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People For the American Way Releases Spanish-Language Ads Targeting Donald Trump, Joe Heck in Nevada


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With early voting beginning in Nevada on Saturday, PFAW TV ad targets Donald Trump, Joe Heck; PFAW & PrioritiesUSA radio ad targets Donald Trump.

Following the final presidential debate, People For the American Way (PFAW) is today announcing two Spanish-language ads in Nevada targeting Donald Trump and Joe Heck and supporting Hillary Clinton and Catherine Cortez Masto. Both ads start airing on Saturday, when early vote in the state begins. The TV ad ties together Trump and Heck, highlighting their dangerous agenda and the reasons to vote against them. The radio ad—launched in partnership with PrioritiesUSA—features Uriel, a DREAMer, encouraging those who can vote to do so against Donald Trump starting on Saturday. Both ads are part of PFAW's Latinos Vote! campaign. Watch the TV ad here, listen to the radio ad here.

“Donald Trump represents an unprecedented threat to our democratic system and our fundamental values of freedom and equality for all. It’s critically important we soundly defeat him this November, and Latino voters in Nevada in particular can be a key element in defeating Trump,” said PFAW President Michael Keegan. “But it’s not enough to just elect Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. By electing Catherine Cortez Masto, Nevadans will help to create a Democratic Senate that will do its job by giving fair consideration to Clinton’s Supreme Court nominees, passing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship, and more, instead of continuing the Senate Republicans’ obstruction.”

Civil rights leader and PFAW board member Dolores Huerta added, “We must defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton, and Latino voters in Nevada have the power not just to do that, but also to elect Catherine Cortez Masto. Masto stands with us; Joe Heck has spent his time in the Senate voting against DREAMers, cutting Pell Grants for students, and trying to privatize Social Security. Let’s use our voices to stand up against hate, stand up against the dangerous agendas of Trump and the Republicans, and go vote! Si se puede!”

“Donald Trump kicked off his campaign by calling Hispanic Americans criminals and rapists and has repeatedly insulted and demeaned Hispanics throughout this campaign,” said PrioritiesUSA Communications Director Justin Barasky. “We must do everything we can to defeat him this November so people like Uriel don’t have to live in fear of Donald Trump trying to deport them or rip their families apart.”

“Nevada Latinos will determine who wins the state, and who wins Nevada could determine who wins the presidency and whether or not Democrats control the Senate,” stated PFAW Director of Latinos Vote! Lizet Ocampo. “Our ads encourage voters to get to the polls starting on Saturday, so we can stand up for our values, our communities, our families through voting.”

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