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People For the American Way Responds to Trump Trial Verdict  


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Washington D.C. – Following today’s verdict in former president Donald Trump’s trial for falsifying business records to conceal an affair that threatened his presidential campaign, in which the jury found Trump guilty on all 34 counts, People For the American Way President Svante Myrick released the following statement:

“Today’s unanimous verdict is the product of a justice system working as it should, in which no one is above the law.  Twelve New Yorkers heard the evidence against a former president and judged him guilty. They did this in spite of his repeated efforts to disparage and intimidate the court and the witnesses, and we’re deeply grateful to them and to the judge and court personnel who did their jobs faithfully under challenging circumstances.

“Unfortunately, we can’t forget that Donald Trump is running for president because he hoped to escape the many criminal charges against him, and to gain the power to exact ‘retribution’ against his perceived enemies. We’re deeply concerned that he’s still pursuing this goal. But today, at least, we can be thankful that he’s being held accountable for at least some of his alleged crimes.”


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