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People For the American Way: Time for Republicans to Reject Trump’s Lies


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Washington, D.C.—  As some Republican politicians, encouraged by Donald Trump, are irresponsibly trying to cast doubt on the integrity of our presidential election, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“It’s time for all Republicans in Congress and other positions of leadership to stand up for the American people and forcefully and publicly reject Donald Trump’s lies and false allegations of fraud in our election.  For hundreds of years the United States has shown the world how to accomplish a peaceful transfer of power after the people have cast their ballots.  If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win this election, as they are on track to do, we all need to come together and support this new administration that the voters have chosen.  Anything less puts Republicans not only on the wrong side of history, but in the company of the kind of despots and tyrants that the United States has opposed throughout the world.”


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