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People For the American Way Urges Virginia Lawmakers to Move Forward on National Popular Vote


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Washington, D.C. — As Virginia state lawmakers convene today on the first day of session, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement on National Popular Vote legislation in the Senate:

“Last week’s insurrection thrust our antiquated and undemocratic Electoral College system into the spotlight once again. Donald Trump’s lies gave false hope to vigilantes who thought they could use violence to topple our democracy and silence the voices of a majority of Americans who voted for new leadership in America. Following this shameful chapter of American history, Virginia has an opportunity to be in the forefront of reforming our antiquated system and making the idea of ‘one person, one vote’ a reality. Enacting this bill in favor of the National Popular Vote further establishes a critical pillar of our democracy and moves our nation toward true racial equity, as Black and Brown voters are disadvantaged under the current winner-take-all Electoral College system. Passing this legislation helps create a more democratic America. It will make our elections more just and fair. It’s time to get this done.”


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