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People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote!, Priorities USA Announces Spanish-Language Radio Ad in Arizona Targeting Donald Trump & Republicans


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Today, People For the American Way (PFAW) in partnership with Priorities USA announced a new Spanish-language radio ad in Arizona that calls on listeners to reject the anti-immigrant agenda of Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Republicans by voting against them. The high-saturation ad buy includes Spanish language radio in the Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma media markets, as well as digital Spanish stations on Pandora radio.

“Trump and the Republicans have abandoned fundamental American values and turned their backs on our history as a nation of immigrants. They’ve denigrated immigrants, Latinos, Muslims and countless others,” said PFAW President Michael Keegan. “But with record voter turnout, Trump and the Republicans will lose because of their bigotry, including in typically red states like Arizona. This year, Arizona Latinos in particular have the ability to reject hate and determine who wins and who loses in the state.”

“Donald Trump gave one of his most sickening anti-immigrant speeches of his campaign in Arizona, but luckily Arizonans can make their voices heard against hate and defeat him and the Republicans through their voting power,” said People For the American Way’s Director of Latinos Vote! Lizet Ocampo. “Trump, John McCain, Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer, and the Arizona Republican Party don’t respect Latino communities. They push anti-immigrant policies and reject the priorities of most Latinos. That’s why it’s so important that Latino voters show up in record numbers this year to defeat the anti-immigrant Republicans on the ballot.”

PFAW efforts in Arizona this election cycle:

Listen to the radio ad: 


Announcer: Desde el principio, Donald Trump nos ha faltado el respeto en nuestro propio estado de Arizona – detallando su plan
masivo de deportación.
Trump: You’re going to have a deportation force.
Announcer: TRUMP nos pinta como criminales, pero ni siquiera tiene las cualificaciones para ser presidente. Hemos encarado muchas agresiones en contra de nuestra comunidad, pero VOTANDO vamos a unirnos y derrotar ese odio que nos demuestran Trump, Joe Arpaio y los Republicanos! La ex gobernadora republicana Jan Brewer le dijo a Trump que no se preocupara porque los latinos no votan. Este martes, 8 de noviembre, se escuchará el poder de nuestras voces y nuestros votos!
Announcer: Ahora es nuestro tiempo. Es nuestro momento. Votemos por Hillary Clinton!


Announcer: From the start, Donald Trump has disrespected us in our very own state of Arizona – detailing his mass deportation plan.
Trump: You’re going to have a deportation force.
Announcer: Trump paints us as criminals but doesn’t even have the qualifications to be president. We have been through a lot of attacks against
our community, but, by VOTING and coming together, we can defeat the hate we've seen from Trump, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the Republicans.
Former Republican Governor Jan Brewer told Trump not to worry because Latinos don't vote. By Tuesday November 8th the power of our voices and our votes shall be heard.
Announcer: Now, it’s our time. It’s our moment! Let’s vote for Hillary Clinton!

PFAW Director of Latinos Vote! Lizet Ocampo will be in Phoenix on Monday, November 7th and Election Day Tuesday, November 8th. To schedule an interview with her, please email [email protected].

People For the American Way is a progressive advocacy organization founded to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values including free expression, religious liberty, equal justice under the law, and the right to meaningfully participate in our democracy. PFAW’s Latinos Vote! program works to expose and counter anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric and policies from Republican and far-right candidates, leaders, and elected officials.