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PFAW Applauds Ruling on McGahn Subpoena  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 25, 2019

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Washington, D.C.— Following today’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson that former White House counsel Don McGahn must respond to a subpoena from the House of Representatives, PFAW Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“This ruling comes as a timely reinforcement of our constitutional principles of separation of powers and checks and balances, which have been under relentless assault by the Trump administration. It affirms the common-sense principle that Congress’s power to subpoena the executive branch is essential to fulfill its duty of oversight. This ruling means not only that McGahn must provide testimony, but so must a raft of administration officials who have been stonewalling Congress in attempts to protect this president. Their failure to comply leaves congressional investigators no option but to assume that their testimony, if delivered, would incriminate the president who is ordering them not to testify.”   


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