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PFAW: Bush, Schiff Unfit to Serve as Federal Judges


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WASHINGTON—In a party line vote today, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nominations of two of Donald Trump’s most extreme judicial nominees, John Bush and Damien Schiff. In response, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement:

“Given their records and their performance in their hearings, no reasonable person can think that John Bush and Damien Schiff are fit for the federal bench. Both of these nominees have made clear not just that they’re bringing an extreme agenda to the bench, but that they don’t have the temperament for the job. Damien Schiff called Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy a ‘judicial prostitute.’ John Bush used an anti-gay slur in a speech and cited fringe websites pushing racist birther conspiracy theories about President Obama. Both of these nominees have denigrated LGBT people and women’s right to reproductive freedom. Both subscribe to extreme legal theories that would give billionaires and corporations even more power in our elections. As their hearings made clear, their records are indefensible. The fact that Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were willing to lend their support is frankly embarrassing.”

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