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PFAW Celebrates Victory of Wisconsin Voters Over Corporate Special Interests


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Wisconsin voters yesterday ousted two right-wing state senators who had provided critical support for Gov. Scott Walker’s devastating economic agenda. Jessica King and Jennifer Shilling defeated Senators Randy Hopper of District 18 and Dan Kapanke of District 32, respectively. While the gains were not enough to switch party control of the Wisconsin Senate, the progressive victories and near misses in deep red districts should serve as a wakeup call to Tea Party Republicans throughout the nation.

People For the American Way was active in the effort to Recall the Right in Wisconsin, distributing more than 89,000 direct mail pieces, 4,300 TV spots and 170,000 calls to persuadable voters and engaging thousands of activists.

Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way, said:

“Tonight’s results should be a wake up call to the Tea Party politicians who want to make working Americans pay for handouts to corporations and the wealthy. In Washington, DC and in states around the country right-wing Republicans are trying to take away the American Dream and its promise of hope and opportunity for all, and replace it with a system where the middle class pays for the excesses of the rich. The voters of Wisconsin have responded with a resounding ‘No!’

“Wisconsinites are not alone. As Republicans in Congress gamble with our children’s futures while further lining the pockets of their wealthy allies, Americans across the country are seeing the truth behind the Tea Party’s regressive economic vision. Starting in Wisconsin, Americans are fighting back.

“Wisconsin activists should be proud of the victories they scored last night. But clearly this isn’t the end of the fight. Progressives should turn their attentions to defending the Democratic State Senators who fought hard against Governor Walker’s extreme agenda.”