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PFAW: Confirmation of Neomi Rao Will Profoundly Harm Ordinary People and Their Families


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WASHINGTON, D.C.—In response to the Senate vote to confirm Neomi Rao to a lifetime seat on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement.

“The Senate GOP’s vote to confirm Neomi Rao is a perfect illustration of Republican senators’ commitment to putting the interests of big corporations and their ideological allies over the rights of all Americans. Neomi Rao spent the last two years at OIRA slashing the public protections and safety standards that we all rely on, and senators rewarded her with a lifetime seat on the nation’s second most important court. From her college writings to her work leading the Trump Administration’s ideological charge at OIRA, she’s made clear that that she’s committed to an approach to the law that would profoundly harm ordinary people and their families.

“Voters should remember that Republican senators who are voting in favor of Trump’s judicial nominations are voting in favor of reduced protections for victims of sexual assault, for ending protections for people with preexisting conditions, for making it harder to vote, for putting more big money into our political system, for eliminating access to reproductive healthcare, for stacking the deck against victims of workplace discrimination and for undermining protections for clean air and water. That’s the record folks like Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, Martha McSally, Joni Ernst and David Perdue are going to have to defend to their constituents next fall.”

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