PFAW Criticizes Hearing as Useless Political Ploy


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Undocumented workers deserve opportunity to earn citizenship

People For the American Way criticized today’s immigration hearing in San Diego as a sham that will inflame the argument over immigration reform, do little to increase Americans’ knowledge about the problem, and provide no workable solutions.

Melissa Daar, California Policy and Field Director for People For the American Way, said the following regarding the hearing:

“Undocumented immigrants are an integral part of our economy. Shame on House Republicans for trying to portray immigration as a one-way situation where only immigrants benefit. Every American benefits from their labor. Undocumented immigrants contribute to our way of life by filling labor niches where American-born laborers are scarce. More than 500 economists, including five Nobel laureates, recently penned an open letter to President Bush and Congress reminding them that immigrants have made America richer, economically and culturally.

Instead of trying to stoke ungrounded fears of undocumented workers, Congress should bring these workers out of the shadows and acknowledge their contributions with a path toward earned citizenship. Undocumented workers are here because our economy needs them.

If Congress were to pass comprehensive immigration reform that takes into account all the human and economic needs that fuel illegal immigration, a bill that adequately addressed our economy’s needs for labor, the flow of illegal immigration would decrease dramatically. Then we could use our border resources to effectively secure our country.”