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PFAW: Debate Audience Needs to Hear Candidates on Courts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2019

Contact: Laurie Kinney at People For the American Way

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WASHINGTON, D.C.— With the next Democratic presidential primary debate set for this Thursday, PFAW Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“There is no question that the future of our federal courts and who sits on those courts have become salient issues for progressive voters in 2020, especially after the Kavanaugh confirmation debacle. We know, in particular, that women, younger voters and independents in battleground states name the Supreme Court as a reason to vote for a Democrat for president instead of for Donald Trump. And yet we’ve heard very little about the courts in the presidential primary debates so far. Candidates will have an important opportunity to tell voters where they stand on the issue at this next debate, and they need to use it. Voters want to support candidates who pledge to nominate fair-minded constitutionalists to the bench, who will help rebalance a federal judiciary that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have done their best to push to the extreme right.”

People For the American Way’s Vote the Courts 2020 project is tracking presidential candidates’ answers to voters’ questions about the federal courts. See more about the project here:  

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