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PFAW Foundation Releases Report on the Personhood Movement


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Today, People For the American Way Foundation released a new report analyzing how the anti-choice personhood movement has shaped the fight against reproductive rights in the United States.

The report, “The Personhood Movement: Where It Comes from and What It Means for the Future of Choice,” details:

  • The origins and key players of the far-right Personhood Alliance and Personhood USA
  • Battles over personhood within the broader anti-choice movement
  • How the personhood movement contributes to the push for state and national legislation that restricts abortion access
  • The extreme goals that animate both personhood groups and their rivals within the anti-choice movement

“Even though anti-choice and pro-personhood groups are often at odds over their strategies, it’s unquestionable they are united by the same end goal: criminalizing abortion,” said Miranda Blue, Senior Researcher for Special Projects at People For the American Way Foundation. “By pushing a relentlessly uncompromising attack on reproductive health, the personhood movement has given cover and support to other anti-choice groups focused on gradually chipping away at choice. Ultimately, the efforts of personhood and anti-choice groups alike amount to a slow erosion of abortion access — and a dangerous attack on women’s health.”