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PFAW Foundation Statement on Resignation of Attorney General Holder

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 25, 2014

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Phone Number: 202-467-4999

According to media reports, Eric Holder will announce today that he plans to step down as Attorney General pending the confirmation of his successor. People For the American Way Foundation President Michael Keegan issued the following statement:
“We owe Eric Holder our profound gratitude for his service to our country in this position. Perhaps most importantly, Eric Holder has taken meaningful action to address systems of racial discrimination that have caused our nation to fall far short of the promises of our founding documents. We applaud his willingness to confront and challenge laws that threaten the right of all citizens to cast a vote and have it count.

“Although we haven’t always agreed with him on every issue, it’s unquestionable that he’s filled this role with dignity and a profound commitment to the principle of equal justice under law. In choosing a successor, President Obama should look for someone with the same depth of commitment and tenacity to protect the equal rights of all Americans.”