PFAW Foundation’s is Nationwide Nonpartisan Poll Locator and Instruction Site


Contact: Priscilla Ring at People For the American Way Foundation

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 202-467-4999

Street address & zip gets you: precinct, map and voting machine instructions

People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) proudly launches, a unique easy-to-use online tool that will let voters find out where to vote, how to get there, what machines are used at that location, and how to vote on those machines. Voters can also choose to have this information sent to them via text message or email on Election Day. The website was developed through the generosity of visionary philanthropists Andrew and Deborah Rappaport.

“With high turnout, millions of first-time voters, and new technology in many polling places, November 2 could prove to be a hectic and challenging day,” said PFAW Foundation President Ralph G. Neas. “Finding out quickly where to vote and how to get there is important for people who need to plan around work, school, child care, and crowded family schedules. We hope this resource will be used by individual voters and by community organizations encouraging civic participation.”

With, PFAWF also seeks to reduce the number of people who are confused about where to vote and might show up at a wrong precinct on Election Day. Although federal law now requires that “provisional ballots” be made available to voters whose names do not appear on the rolls, some state election officials have decreed that voters who cast provisional ballots at the wrong precinct will not have their votes counted. Helping voters arrive at the correct precinct should reduce the number of people disenfranchised by those policies.

“There’s no reason for any American not to have a say in this election because they weren’t sure where to vote,” said Andrew and Deborah Rappaport, Silicon Valley residents with a strong interest in civic participation. “This is one use of technology that should strengthen public confidence and public participation in this election. It is available to everyone, because we want every American to have a chance to play their part in our democracy.”

The bottom line for Neas is to see People For the American Way Foundation’s nonpartisan civic participation programs pay off with more Americans casting votes – and with every vote being counted. “We urge media outlets to share this nonpartisan information with their readers, listeners and viewers.”

“People For the American Way Foundation’s nonpartisan voter registration efforts, and our work with more than 100 partner organizations in the Election Protection coalition, are all designed to encourage Americans who haven’t been active participants in our democracy to know their rights and to get involved,” said Neas. “We are helping voters avoid problems getting to the polls. And we’ll help them deal with any problems that turn up once they get there.”