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PFAW Launches New Digital Ad Featuring Colorado Resident with Preexisting Condition


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Washington, D.C.— As the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to push ahead with confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, People For the American Way is launching a new digital ad campaign featuring first-person testimonials from individuals with preexisting conditions, or whose family and friends have preexisting conditions.

The ads will shine a spotlight on the danger everyday Americans face if Barrett is confirmed and casts a deciding vote to overturn the federal health care law that covers preexisting conditions. The first in the series features Denver resident Rachel Wall.

In the ad, Wall explains that she was born with a debilitating condition. She struggled to obtain health care for her lifelong preexisting condition – until protections for preexisting conditions were guaranteed by federal law ten years ago. Now, she says she is “terrified” that a justice Barrett on the Supreme Court would overturn those protections.

You can see the ad here.

“Stories like Rachel Wall’s are both heartbreaking and inspiring,” said People For the American Way President Ben Jealous. “They’re inspiring because thanks to the health care coverage guaranteed by federal law for ten years now, Rachel is living a full and amazing life. And heartbreaking, because one more Trump Supreme Court appointment could rip all that away from her and countless other people.  Cory Gardner needs to listen to her and his millions of constituents who don’t want to lose health care.”      

“I’m scared because we don’t have to guess what Amy Coney Barrett would do to health care on the Supreme Court; she’s already come out against protecting it,” said Rachel Wall. “Without health care, I couldn’t hold a job or be an athlete or participate in my community. I couldn’t do the things I love. I want Senator Gardner to hear my voice and the voices of Coloradans like me before he makes a decision on this Supreme Court nomination. I want to know he cares more about us than about toeing the party line.”

The 45-second paid ad will run initially on digital platforms; the digital campaign aims to reach 350,000 Colorado residents.

Audio track:

I’m Rachel Wall.

I’m a baker from Denver, and I was born with a preexisting condition.

Before the Affordable Care Act, I struggled to access even the most basic of health care.

I rationed medications, I skipped doctor’s appointments.

I am terrified that the Supreme Court could rule to take my health care away.

I am begging you, senators, please do not allow this nomination to go through.

We need you to stand with the people who elected you, and fight for us.

Text onscreen: Tell Cory Gardner: Don’t take away our health care. No confirmation before inauguration.


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