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PFAW on Barr Testimony: Congress Must Continue Investigations into Trump’s Corrupt Behavior


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Washington, D.C.People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker today released the following statement in response to Attorney General William Barr’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

“With regard to the issues of abuse of power and ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives that were the subject of the Mueller investigation Senator Graham may want to say ‘It’s over,’ but the administration and their allies are clearly signaling they have something to hide. Veiled threats of retribution from Trump and Graham notwithstanding, Congress has a constitutional duty to get to the bottom of the corruption and criminality swirling around this president.

“Barr’s actions on this issue have been disgraceful. As the recently released letter from Robert Mueller makes clear, Barr lied to Congress and the public in a failed attempt to hide Trump’s obstruction and the ties between Trump, his campaign organization, and Russia.

“Congress must continue its own investigations of these and other issues surrounding Trump’s corrupt behavior. Congress should continue to bring critical witnesses in for testimony, including Robert Mueller and former members of the administration with knowledge of these activities. And the American public should not be distracted by Trump, Graham, or any other politician that wants to muddy the waters and undermine Congress’s responsibility to provide a check on Trump’s lawlessness.”