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PFAW on Homeland Security Vacancy Created by Trump’s Appointment of John Kelly as Chief of Staff


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WASHINGTON— In response to Donald Trump’s appointment of Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly to be chief of staff—and the vacancy at the Department of Homeland Security the move creates—People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo issued the following statement.

“Since he entered the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump has made vilifying immigrants the centerpiece of his campaign and his administration. As president, he’s overseen a dramatic increase in deportations, including deportations of DREAMers and arrests at courts, schools, church services, and marriage hearings. Just this week, he used disgusting, violent language to disparage and dehumanize immigrants as ‘animals.’ As his White House descends into dysfunction and his legislative priorities fall apart, he’s looking to scapegoat immigrants and their allies for all our country’s problems.

“This means it’s more important than ever that Senators of both parties fulfill their responsibility to appropriately vet anyone he nominates as Secretary of Homeland Security. No one who is willing to sign onto or support Trump’s campaign of terror and vilification aimed at immigrant communities should be confirmed to this post.”

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