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PFAW on Trump’s Mass Deportation Threat: “Cruel, Sick, and Getting Worse”


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WASHINGTON, D.C.—People For the American Way today released the following statement from PFAW Political Director Lizet Ocampo in response to Trump’s tweet about deporting “millions” of undocumented people “next week.”

“Trump’s entire election strategy could be boiled down to one sick aphorism: When the going gets tough, Trump gets racist.

“Exactly two weeks ago, Trump’s acting ICE director, Mark Morgan, told reporters that he wanted to escalate deportation actions and that those actions would ‘include families.’ Last week, Trump added anti-immigrant extremist Ken Cuccinelli to his roster of DHS officials, who immediately sent a threatening letter to his own asylum officials, urging them to block more asylum seekers from having their cases heard. Last night, Trump announced that he will start deporting ‘millions’ of undocumented people ‘next week.’

“Trump’s fixation on scapegoating immigrants–especially in connection with his campaign efforts–is cruel, sick, and getting worse. After his vicious provocations about the so-called migrant caravans in 2018, no one should be surprised that he resorts to this sort of gutter politics the same week that polls show that multiple Democratic presidential candidates have more support than he does.”

“Trump knows he has utterly failed to deliver for the American people, immigrants included, so he’s doing what he always does: scapegoating, bullying, and abusing people. Voters should reward his cruelty by ejecting him from the White House in 2020.”

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