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PFAW: Ordered Sondland No-Show Is “Escalation” of Conflict  


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WAshington, D.C.— In response to the last-minute move by the Trump administration to prevent U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland from testifying today in Congress as scheduled, PFAW released the following statement from Senior Fellow Elliot Mincberg:

“President Trump and the White House gave the order to block Ambassador Sondland’s testimony with full awareness that it can and will be considered obstruction of Congress an impeachable offense. House leaders have also warned the president that this kind of obstruction will be seen as further evidence that wrongdoing was committed in the first place. The administration had been stonewalling Congress’s authority to investigate before now. But to do so in the face of a distinct warning about the consequences in an impeachment inquiry, for an important witness who was willing to testify, and without specifying any valid legal rationale, is a clear escalation of this administration stonewalling that is a disservice to the American people.”

Following the White House prohibition of Sondland’s voluntary appearance, the chairs of the House Intelligence, Oversight and Foreign Affairs Committees indicated they would subpoena Sondland for testimony and documents.

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