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PFAW Releases Ad Highlighting Walker’s ALEC Allegiance


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With Scott Walker set to address the annual meeting of the far-right, corporate-led American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), People For the American Way (PFAW) has released Spanish-language and English-language digital ads highlighting Walker's choice to headline the corporate bill factory's national conference in San Diego. Civil rights icon and PFAW board member Dolores Huerta released the following statement:

“Voters need to know that this week, Scott Walker is choosing to headline the annual convention of ALEC, the corporate-run organization that brought us Arizona's anti-immigrant law SB 1070 and has long championed anti-worker, anti-environment legislation.

"Given Walker's decades-long alliance with ALEC, it's no surprise that he's standing with them now as he begins his presidential campaign. While Walker has turned his back on working families, he gladly stands up for corporate interests that hurt our community through his work with ALEC."

In addition to the ads released today, Huerta will speak at a rally this afternoon about the far-right corporate agenda of ALEC. She is available for interviews before and after the event.

The Spanish-language ad and the English-language version will be playing this week in Wisconsin, California, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, and North Carolina.

Script – English:

This week, Republican Scott Walker is headlining the annual convention of ALEC, the group that brought us Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB1070.

Scott Walker is adamantly against comprehensive immigration reform and wants to deport DREAMers and break up immigrant families.

We can’t afford a Scott Walker presidency.

Script – Spanish:

Esta semana, El Republicano Scott Walker encabezará la conferencia anual de ALEC, el grupo que nos trajo la ley anti-inmigrante de Arizona SB1070.

Walker está firmemente en contra de una reforma migratoria y quiere deportar a DREAMers y a familias de inmigrantes.

Evitemos una presidencia de Scott Walker.