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PFAW Responds to Trump’s Continued Conflicts of Interest


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In response to Donald Trump’s press conference in which he and his team presented their ‘plan’ to address potential conflicts of interest due to Trump’s businesses and financial ties, People For the American Way (PFAW) Executive Vice President Marge Baker stated:

"Instead of resolving potential conflicts of interest, Trump continues to have a financial interest in the success of his businesses and has left the door wide open for corporations and foreign interests to curry favor. It is asking the American people to make an extraordinary leap of faith to trust that Trump’s sons won’t communicate with their father about their business interests, or that they won’t be privy to insider information that influences their business decisions.

"Meanwhile, Trump knows exactly where his business assets are and will be well aware of what actions by the United States, such as imposing economic sanctions, will help or hurt his bottom line. Trump has made clear he will return to The Trump Organization after his presidency, giving him a clear financial stake in policies he will pursue during his tenure.

"Ethics experts from both sides of the aisle agree that the only way for Trump to cure his massive conflicts of interest is to divest from his ownership of the Trump Organization through a blind trust. Yet Trump refuses to put American interests first by adhering to the same ethical standards as his predecessors.

"If Trump wanted to assure the American public that he’s cares more about serving as president of the United States than advancing his businesses, he would take obvious, simple steps to remove any possible conflicts of interest. Instead he continues to flaunt his willingness to ignore established ethical guidelines in order to line his own pockets. He’ll be in violation of the law and the Constitution the moment he takes the oath of office.

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