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PFAW Response to White House Immigration Proposal: A White Nationalist’s Dream Come True


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In response to the immigration package put out today by the White House, People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo issued the following statement:

“Today’s proposal is the clearest example yet that President Stephen Miller is holding Dreamers hostage to push a hateful, xenophobic immigration agenda that runs counter to the values of the vast majority of Americans. This package would be a white nationalist’s dream come true and a gift to the most racist, bigoted trolls of the alt-right. Democrats and Republicans alike should reject it out of hand.

“We don’t need legislation designed to pander to a shrinking, screaming, nativist fringe. We need a clean Dream Act that addresses the crisis Donald Trump created for the hardworking young people whose lives he threw into chaos by ending the DACA program.”

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