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PFAW: RNC’s ‘Surreal’ First Night Traffics in Division, Disinformation, and Racism


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Washington, D.C.— Following the first night of the Republican National Convention, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“The first night of the Republican National Convention was nothing short of surreal. The Trump campaign knows they can’t win on the president’s actual record, so they are doubling down on creating an alternate reality surrounding everything from his dismal failures on the coronavirus pandemic, to his treatment of the postal service, to using racist tropes in an effort to conjure up fear about mobs overtaking American cities. Running through the entire event was the ugly thread of bigotry and divisiveness that Trump is relying on to gin up his base. Four more years of this president would be unimaginably damaging to our democracy; in November, we need to have the final say and vote him out.”

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