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PFAW: Senators Must Vote No on Republican Policing Bill


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— Ahead of this week’s planned Senate vote on a Republican-authored policing bill, PFAW President Ben Jealous and Senior Director of Outreach and Public Engagement Diallo Brooks released the following statements:

“This is where the rubber hits the road. If Democrats are serious about ending police killings, they will vote ‘No’ on the motion to proceed on this watered-down, half-measure put forward by Republicans — and on the bill itself if it comes to a vote. People across the country are demanding real and consequential reforms, and they are expecting their senators to deliver. They will remember at election time who was principled enough to stand up for what’s right,” said Jealous.

“This Republican ‘reform’ bill is a sham, and Senate Democrats should not play along. This bill doesn’t make basic changes to a broken policing system and won’t end the use of chokeholds like the one that killed George Floyd and no-knock warrants like the one that led to Breonna Taylor’s killing. It does nothing to end qualified immunity, a loophole that assures violent officers they won’t be held accountable to those they hurt. Democrats need to match their actions to their words. If they say they stand for an end to racist policing and police violence, they have to vote ‘No’ on this bill,” said Brooks.

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