PFAW Spokesperson to respond to Citizen Flag Alliance ad campaign to diminish Bill of Rights


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Seven weeks after People For the American Way launched its “Don’t Burn Our Freedom” ad campaign in defense of the Bill of Rights, the Citizens Flag Alliance has announced that it is responding with its own ad campaign. With the clock running out on the 105th Congress, the Citizens Flag Alliance has failed to win a two-thirds majority in the Senate on an amendment that would, for the first time in modern history, curtail Americans’ freedom of speech. PFAW’s “Don’t Burn our Freedom” ad featured the decorated Vietnam War veteran Jim Warner, who told the moving story of his ordeal as a P.O.W. Warner, who staunchly supports the First Amendment and opposes attempts to limit it, says, “We’re not afraid of freedom – even when we disagree.” The ad, which urged Americans to call their senators and voice their opposition to the flag amendment, is available for viewing in RealVideo at Dubs of the ad also are available at PFAW headquarters. Please call the Media Relations Department at 202-467-4999 for copies of the ad or to arrange interviews. People For the American Way is now finalizing arrangements for the second phase of its ad buy, to coincide with Congress’ return from the Labor Day recess. “It is abhorrent to us to even think of our flag in flames, but we cannot honor our most cherished symbol of freedom by diminishing the freedom it stands for,” said Carole Shields, President of People For the American Way. “The flag amendment would do more harm to our freedom than protesters could ever do with their matches.”