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PFAW Statement of Solidarity with the March for Our Lives


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Phone Number: 202-467-4999

Today People For the American Way President Michael Keegan released the following statement of solidarity with Saturday’s March for Our Lives, organized by the student survivors of the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, last month.

“To the young people who organized this march: we are with you. Not only are we marching alongside you this weekend, we are with you in pushing for urgently-needed gun reform in our cities and states and in the halls of Congress.

“When politicians refuse to take even the most common-sense steps to address our gun violence epidemic, that in itself is a policy choice—one that puts all of us, and especially marginalized communities, in danger. When politicians choose to protect the gun lobby over the safety of our communities and the lives of our children, they are no longer fit to serve as our elected representatives. It’s time to vote them out.

“Young people are so often the drivers of needed change in our country, from Black Lives Matter leaders to Dreamers to the Parkland students. People For the American Way is proud to be standing with you.”

People For the American Way is a progressive advocacy organization founded to fight right-wing extremism and defend constitutional values including free expression, religious liberty, equal justice under the law, and the right to meaningfully participate in our democracy.