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PFAW Statement on Gorsuch’s Troubling Record at Department of Justice


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In response to recent media reports based on documents made public in preparation for hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker released the following statement:

“The information we’re learning about Neil Gorsuch’s time at the Department of Justice only underscores how deeply concerned Americans should be that this nominee won’t be a meaningful check on Donald Trump’s illegal and unconstitutional agenda. Neil Gorsuch played a key role in defending the torture and detention policies that have been rejected by the courts and by our country. Now Donald Trump is promising to reinstate torture programs and enact anti-Muslim policies that directly contradict our First Amendment freedoms. And he wants Neil Gorsuch to help him do it.

“We’ve seen how critical it is to have fair and independent courts to help defend our rights from out-of-control executive overreach. Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he’s not interested in nominating judges who will stand up and say no when he violates the Constitution, and Neil Gorsuch’s record makes clear that he’d be a rubber stamp for Trump’s agenda.

“Just as importantly, these documents make clear that there’s a lot more we still need to know about Gorsuch’s time at the Department of Justice. Just as the GOP is attempting to push through its disastrous healthcare legislation with a chaotic and irresponsible process, they’re trying to move Gorsuch’s nomination forward without putting all the facts on the table. That’s unacceptable, and senators on both sides of the aisle should demand that they get the information they need to fully evaluate this nominee.”

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