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PFAW Statement on RNC/Trump Diversity Coalition Meeting


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Phone Number: 202-467-4999

As the RNC prepares for their meeting tomorrow with the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, People For the American Way Director of Latinos Vote! and Manager of Political Campaigns Lizet Ocampo released the following statement:

“No matter what the RNC and the so-called National Diversity Coalition for Trump say, Donald Trump can’t run from his record of attacks on immigrants and people of color. Just in the last year, Trump called into question the ability of a federal judge to do his job solely because of his Mexican-American heritage, performed a crude imitation of an Asian American accent during a speech, and suggested that an African American protester who was assaulted at one of his campaign rallies ‘maybe should have been roughed up.’

“Trump has spent his entire campaign demonizing people of color to increase his own popularity. And his policy priorities are no better: He believes that American wages are ‘too high,’ supports mass deportation, called global warming a hoax ‘created by and for the Chinese,’ and used his Trump University to defraud students, burying them in debt and pillaging their retirement funds.”

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