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PFAW Statement on Senate Judiciary Committee Approval of Katsas, Talley: “I’ve seen jellyfish with more backbone.”


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In response to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s party line vote approving the nominations of Gregory Katsas (nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals) and Brett Talley (nominated to the Middle District of Alabama), People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement:

“Republicans score big headlines on the rare occasions they make speeches challenging Donald Trump, but today’s votes show just how empty that posturing really is. When they’re given a chance to stand up against the Trump administration’s most extreme overreach and incompetence, again and again we see Republicans fold like wet newspapers.

“Brett Talley was rated unanimously unqualified by the American Bar Association, something that only happens very rarely. He’s best known for belittling the idea of gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre; he’s called for Hillary Clinton to be locked up and retweeted InfoWars. Greg Katsas, as deputy counsel to the president has been involved in issues from Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban to his cruel decision to roll back the DACA program. But instead of asking for real accountability, Republicans are eager to rubber stamp his nomination to our nation’s second highest court.

“It’s sad to see the world’s greatest deliberative body turn into a clubhouse for yes-men. I’ve seen jellyfish with more backbone.”

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