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PFAW Statement on Trump’s Slate of Judicial Nominees


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In response to the slate of judges expected to be nominated by President Trump today, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement:

“This slate of nominees is extremely troubling and sends a clear message that Donald Trump intends to appoint judges who will use their positions to shift the law dramatically in favor of corporations and the wealthy at the expense of ordinary people. Two of the nominees to circuit court seats have already appeared on the list of judges hand selected by far-right groups to be elevated to the Supreme Court; the records of other circuit court nominees on this list show that they’re in the same mold.  We know that Donald Trump is looking for judges who will let him advance his extreme agenda. Indeed, the fact that today the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is hearing arguments on the president’s extreme and unconstitutional Muslim ban only serves to underscore the importance of a thorough and rigorous confirmation process.

“It is also disappointing to see how dramatically President Trump has abandoned President Obama’s work of appointing Americans of diverse backgrounds to our nation’s courts. The nominees to both the 7th and the 11th circuits are replacing nominees of color who, despite their impeccable credentials, were blocked by Republicans in the Senate. That kind of rampant obstruction was inappropriate and damaging at the time. Now we’re seeing its continued consequences.”

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