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PFAW: The Court’s Job is to Protect the People, Not Big Business


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WASHINGTON, D.C—During today’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court in Seila Law v. CFPB, which will determine the fate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and possibly devastate millions of consumers, Diallo Brooks, Senior Director of Outreach and Public Engagement at People For the American Way, released the following statement:

“Today’s argument before the Supreme Court was about economic justice, our government, and courts that work for all of us. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created to protect millions from big banks, credit card companies, and predatory lenders that jeopardize the financial security of millions—especially people of color, students, the elderly and veterans who take on more debt, are unlawfully charged higher interest and are targets of scams and deceptive practices. People For the American Way hopes that the court will do the right thing and make sure we can hold corporations accountable. Our government, which includes the courts, is an institution built to protect the people. It is their job to stand up and protect people, not Trump and big business.”

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