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PFAW: Trump Justices Threaten ACA’s Future


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— In response to the announcement that the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, following a troubling Fifth Circuit ruling that the law’s individual mandate was unconstitutional but not whether the entire law therefore violates the Constitution, People For the American Way Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“This case provides a stark illustration of how courts matter, judicial nominations matter, and elections matter. People’s lives are literally at stake, as the Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold health care coverage for millions of Americans — including those with preexisting conditions. We have already seen the influence of one Trump judicial appointee, Kurt Engelhardt, in the Fifth Circuit ruling that threatened the ACA’s future. Now two Trump Supreme Court appointees will have their say. And of course, we already know their hostility to the ACA was among the reasons Trump nominated them. This is cause for very deep concern.”

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