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PFAW: Voting Disruptions in Primary States a “Disgrace”


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— Following reports of major disruptions in primary voting today in Georgia, and scattered problems in other states including Nevada, South Carolina, North Dakota and West Virginia, PFAW Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“It’s appalling that months after the primary debacle in Wisconsin, we are seeing yet more examples of massive breakdowns in our voting systems that have led to disenfranchisement of voters, especially voters of color. The reports of missing equipment and equipment failures in Georgia polling locations, leading to long lines and impossible obstacles to voting for many people, are not helped by the finger-pointing between state and county authorities. This is a disgrace that must be addressed and fixed now. We’re also hearing reports of long lines and complications in other primary states today — none of which bodes well for November. Let’s be clear: voter suppression is unacceptable, whatever its cause. It’s time to ensure that everyone who has the right to vote, gets to vote, no exceptions.”

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