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PFAW: We Cannot Continue to Slam Doors on Those Fleeing Persecution


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WASHINGTON, DC — Following the June 25 Supreme Court ruling that effectively rejected many asylum seekers’ ability to make their case in federal court, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous and Political Director Lizet Ocampo released the following statements:

“This Supreme Court ruling is a devastating blow to our country’s core values of freedom and opportunity, and to our legal commitment to providing safety and refuge from persecution. Far too many people will face expedited deportations and no opportunity for judicial oversight or court appeals before being forcibly sent back to potentially life-threatening circumstances. This ruling underscores the impact of federal courts and Trump’s dangerous judicial appointments on our everyday lives,” said Jealous.

“Trump has long employed his bigotry toward immigrants as a political tactic, and this recent ruling crystallizes the impact of far-right ideologues for the singular purpose of attacking our civil and human rights. Immigrant rights are human rights. We cannot continue to slam doors on people fleeing persecution for their race, religion, political views, sexual orientation or nationality, as well as those fleeing violence at home or at the hands of criminal gangs. In November, we must stand up for a more fair and equal American way, not cruel and racist immigration policies that put peoples’ lives at risk,” said Ocampo.

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