Religious Right Voters Put Huckabee Over the Top


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Statement by People For the American Way VP for Communications Peter Montgomery

If there were any doubts that Religious Right voters are still a powerful force in the Republican Party, Mike Huckabee’s huge win in Iowa put them to rest.

Huckabee’s rise was built on fervent grassroots organizing by Religious Right activists who embraced him as their dream candidate, even as the movement’s national leaders kept their distance while making calculations on electability.

Huckabee has pledged to support every item on the ultraconservative wish list – a far-right Supreme Court, a constitutional ban on abortion, a veto of legislation to protect gay and lesbian Americans from discrimination, support for a bill to keep federal courts from intervening when local officials abuse the power of their office to promote their religious beliefs – and more.

Huckabee’s friendly folksy demeanor can distract attention from the disturbing fact that he and his backers essentially urged conservative evangelicals to vote for him based on his being the “right” kind of Christian. That should make Americans very nervous.

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