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Report: McCain-Bush Judges Take a Toll on Ordinary Americans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2008

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Senator McCain has Supported 100% of Bush Judicial Nominees

As part of its Supreme Court campaign, People For the American Way cites a report released today by its affiliated Foundation titled The Human Toll: How Individual Americans Have Fared at the Hands of Bush Judges. The report collects some of the stories of American men, women, and children whose cases have come before judges nominated by George W. Bush and confirmed by the Senate.

The report puts a human face on the dangers posed by the political ideology of Bush judges on issues related to:

  • Discrimination on the basis of Gender, Age, Race, Sexual Orientation, and Disability
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Workers Rights
  • Religious Liberty
  • Privacy and Reproductive Freedom
  • Voting Rights

“George Bush’s judges have done irreparable harm to real people in our nation,” said People For the American Way President Kathryn Kolbert. “It’s too easy to assume that the courts don’t really affect our lives, but this report tells a very different story. All of us depend on fair minded judges to protect the rights guaranteed by our Constitution and laws — these are stories about what happens when judges don’t do that.”

Kolbert pointed out that Senator McCain has supported 100% of George W. Bush’s judicial nominees. Said Kolbert, “President Bush has largely succeeded in reshaping the judiciary in his own image, and he’s had the support of John McCain every step of the way.”

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