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Republicans Set to Deny Preventative Healthcare to Women


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This week, the House and Senate plan to vote on the Pence Amendment, which would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood. As part of the compromise budget deal reached last week, this proposal was not included in the continuing resolution. However, Republicans remain determined to force their extreme agenda on the American people.

“After 100 days in power, Congressional Republicans have failed to take substantial steps to create jobs and improve the economy, but they have found no shortage of ways to try to deny millions of women access to preventative cancer screenings, affordable birth control and testing for sexually transmitted infections,” said Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way.  “By continuing to pursue such a divisive political agenda, the most extreme elements of the Republican party show once again that they are willing to sacrifice the health and safety of Americans in order to score cheap political points.

“Surprisingly, the supposedly “pro-life” GOP is willing to force upwards of one million women to go without lifesaving cancer screening and to deny twice that number access to abortion-preventing birth control services.  The fact that 97 percent of all healthcare services that Planned Parenthood provides (and 100 percent of federal funding) are for preventative care makes clear that a vote for the Pence Amendment is nothing more than a vote against women’s health.  We trust that the president and the Senate will continue to show strong support for American women and reject this extreme, cynical proposal.”