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Senate Republicans Continue Obstruction of Crucial Obama Nominees


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Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee today delayed a committee vote on several of President Obama’s judicial and executive branch nominees, including three Department of Justice nominees who he renominated after GOP Senators denied them an up or down vote last year.

“The claim that Republicans need more time to consider these nominations is absurd,” said Marge Baker, Executive Vice President of People For the American Way. “Today’s move is the latest in the long, long line of delay tactics deployed against a group of eminently qualified nominees. I’m glad that the President stood up for his nominees last night and called out Republican Senators on their obstruction.”

During his State of the Union address to Congress last night, President Obama admonished Republican Senators, saying: “The confirmation of well-qualified public servants should not be held hostage to the pet projects or grudges of a few individual Senators.”

“Republican attempts to harm this administration by delaying votes on the President’s nominees are unprecedented and unacceptable,” said Baker. “A fully functioning Department of Justice shouldn’t be held hostage to petty partisanship. These nominees are needed to fill crucial positions at the DOJ. It’s time for Senators to do their jobs and stop delaying important confirmation votes.”