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Senators Highlight Mistreatment of Obama Nominees


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In response to today’s floor statements by Senators highlighting the unprecedented obstruction of President Obama’s executive and judicial nominees, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker released the following statement:

“President Obama’s nominees have been treated worse than those of any other president. It’s a simple fact. The GOP’s historic obstruction of nominees cannot go on forever.

“Democratic Senators took to the floor today to express their outrage over the mistreatment of President Obama’s nominees. They’re getting fed up, and so will the American people as they learn more about the GOP’s ongoing effort to cripple and obstruct this administration.

“One overwhelmingly successful cloture vote after another has revealed the truth about the GOP’s filibuster strategy. Their filibusters aren’t based on actual disagreements over policy or qualifications – they’re done purely to waste time. One recently filibustered nominee, Barbara Keenan, was confirmed 99-0. Not even one Republican could be found to vote against a nominee they had just filibustered. That sort of blatant obstruction is truly incredible.

“Republican Senators should take a short trip down memory lane to 2001. Only three of President Bush’s executive nominees waited longer than three months to be confirmed. Meanwhile, over 45 Obama nominees waited for at least three months, and many are still waiting to be confirmed to vital positions in the administration.

“If Republican Senators cannot be convinced by appeals to precedent, fairness, and reciprocity, Senate Democrats must highlight and overcome their obstruction. Today’s show of unity by Democrats is an encouraging first step.”

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