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The Year of Living Shamelessly: Innovative E-Book Relives the Best Stories of the 2010 Elections

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 20, 2010

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In a new e-book, satirist Paul Slansky guides readers through a remarkable year in American politics and the unforgettable personalities that drove it.

The Year of Living Shamelessly: Political Lowlights of 2010, released today, covers all the characters who made 2010 a year to remember, including:

  • the congressional candidate who moonlighted as a Nazi reenactor;
  • the lieutenant governor who compared food stamps for the needy to “feeding stray animals”;
  • the Senate candidate who ran away from a press conference;
  • and the former president who said he missed “being pampered.”

Taking full advantage of the e-book format, the book allows readers to click through, pop open a new window, and actually witness the preposterous moments of shamelessness as they happened. Plus, coming in early January, a new social publishing feature will allow readers to comment on or add to the contents of the book, communicating with the author and other readers within the book itself.

Paul Slansky is a regular contributor to The New Yorker, where his quizzes skewering the Bush administration appeared for eight years. He is the author of The Clothes Have No Emperor, a New York Times best-seller about the Reagan presidency, The George W. Bush Quiz Book, and the co-author of Dan Quayle: Airhead Apparent and My Bad: The Apology Anthology. His latest book is Idiots, Hypocrites, Demagogues, and More Idiots.

A portion of proceeds from the book will go to People For the American Way. More information can be found at Lotus Bookworks: