Three New Ads Unveiled


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TV AD ASKS: “Shouldn’t you cast a vote that really counts?” 1st PRINT AD WARNS: Right-wing wrecking ball takes aim at fundamental rights. 2nd PRINT AD PROVIDES: Facts about George Bush’s record in Texas.

Three new People For the American Way ads, one for television and two for print, are being rolled out around the country in the final days before the election.
The new television ad, designed as a parody of a Nader parody of a popular Mastercard ad, is called “Priceless.” It hammers home the devastating impact that this election could have on Americans’ fundamental freedoms if the next President appoints right-wing justices who oppose reproductive choice, gun control, and strong environmental protections.

“Priceless” will begin airing on Monday, October 30, on CNN in Washington, DC, to be followed by Portland, OR, and Madison, WI, with other selected markets added throughout the week.

The print ad, “wrecking ball,” will appear in more than 120 weekly newspapers all across the country between now and election day. The papers include the Village Voice, LA Weekly, Chicago Reader, and other similar papers with a combined circulation of nearly 8 million readers.

Another full-page ad detailing the record of Texas Gov. George W. Bush will appear in 17 papers in the forthcoming presidential election’s most contested states starting Friday. The ad, called “The Truth About Gov. Bush’s Texas” will run in daily newspapers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri, Oregon, Iowa and Nevada.

To view the TV ad:

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To view the print ads:

“Wrecking Ball” ad in .pdf format
“The Truth About Gov. Bush’s Texas” ad in .pdf format

To view PFAW’s first TV ad on the Supreme Court:
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