People For the American Way

YP4 Action Statement on Failure of the DREAM Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 18, 2010

Contact: Drew Courtney or Miranda Blue at People For the American Way

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 202-467-4999

In a 55 to 41 vote today, the Senate rejected an attempt to move forward on consideration of the DREAM Act, which would lay out a path to citizenship for young adults who were brought to the United States illegally as children, and who graduate from high school with the commitment to attend college or join the military.

Rebecca Thompson, Director of YP4 Action, said:

“Young people in America are given an important promise: if you work hard and play by the rules, you can have the chance to succeed. But every year, thousands of dedicated and patriotic young people are denied the chance to pursue their dreams and give back to the country they love. Until the DREAM Act is passed, the United States will continue to treat innocent young people like criminals, and will deny them a chance to go to school, serve in the military, and contribute to our economy. We’ll keep fighting until every young person in America gets a fair shot at success.”

YP4 Action, a program of People For the American Way, works to empower the newest generations of skilled, progressive leaders to lead with progressive values, make progress in their communities today, and create sustainable change over the long term.