#VoteTheCourts2020: Activist Toolkit

Since he took office, President Trump has nominated ultra-conservative judicial nominees to our federal courts at a dizzying pace. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is rubber-stamping them just as fast. Trump-appointed judges now comprise 14 percent of the total federal judiciary, and they’re wasting no time rolling back our rights one decision at a time.

It’s time to reclaim our courts. And right now, we have the power to do just that.

With the 2020 presidential election season in full swing, Democratic candidates are on the road looking to earn our trust and our votes. It’s our job to take action in our own communities. Together, let’s send a clear message to every candidate that our next president must prioritize nominating fair-minded judges who understand how the law affects all people, not just the rich and powerful.

How Can I Help?

Ask a question at a candidate campaign event.

Candidates are campaigning all over the country to better understand the pulse of America, the political climate, and current priorities of voters. This is a great opportunity to ask candidates about where they stand on the courts and how specifically they will choose judicial nominees.

Watch Sample Videos

Take #VoteTheCourts2020 on your social media.

You can tweet at the candidates using our talking points and questions. You can boost visibility by asking friends, family, or local activists to share or retweet your posts. Be sure to tag PFAW so we can uplift and share with our followers across the country!

When are Candidates Coming to Your Community?

It only takes a few easy steps to stay up-to-date on candidates’ campaign stops and learn if they’re coming to your community:

  • Follow them on social media. Candidates are relying on social media to spread the word about upcoming events. Make sure you’re following them on Facebook—where many candidates list their upcoming events—and Twitter.
  • Check their website: A simple search can help you find information about upcoming events. This information is usually categorized under the events section (although sometimes lives in press releases). If you’re having trouble finding anything, contact your local party

What do I do once I’m at a campaign event? Ask a question.

Sample progressive judiciary questions for 2020 presidential candidates:

  • Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have pushed a slew of narrow-minded elitists onto the federal courts—including the Supreme Court. To me, that’s incredibly concerning. If you were elected president, would you prioritize nominating fair-minded constitutionalists who understand that the Constitution and the law are there to protect all of us, not just the wealthy?
  • I think a top priority for our next president is to make sure that we have fair-minded constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. Do you agree? What kinds of judges and justices would you nominate?
  • If you’re elected, would you pledge to nominate fair-minded constitutionalists to the Supreme Court—the kinds of judges who actually understand how the law affects all people, not just the rich and the powerful?
  • The Right has tried to put anti-choice, narrow-minded elitists on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. If you’re elected, will you nominate fair-minded constitutionalists who understand that the right to choose has to be protected?
  • I think the Supreme Court did a huge amount of damage to our country with Citizens United. Will you nominate fair-minded constitutionalists who understand that the Constitution sets up a democracy for all people, not just corporations and the wealthy?
  • My top priority for choosing a candidate to support is someone who will make a priority of nominating fair-minded constitutionalists to our federal courts. How can you ensure that will be a top priority?

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