Stopping the 2021 California Recall

Stopping the 2021 California Recall

People For the American Way is thrilled with our success this month in thwarting the Far Right’s attempted takeover of the California governor’s mansion. When we first reached out to our members about the recall last month, polling was nearly dead even and revealed a dangerous enthusiasm gap. What we saw was that the right-wing base was energized but that progressives were not recognizing the seriousness of the threat.

Thanks to our members’ efforts, the landscape was totally changed over the past several weeks. We got out the progressive vote and Gov. Newsom soundly defeated the recall question.

Our members were a crucial part of this important win. With their help and support, People For the American Way worked relentlessly to sound the alarm in California, jumping in early when polling results showed a high level of voter apathy and disengagement on the part of progressives and Democrats.

None of this work was possible without the support and participation of our members.

Now, we turn our attention to the other side of the country, to Virginia, where the most important regular election of the year is taking place this November for governor and state House … and where People For is already playing a major role in defeating the Far Right’s effort to take over the state and undo our progress.

Stay tuned for more on that to come!