Take Action: Help Confirm Fair-Minded Judges

We can make sure everyone has access to courts that will work for all of us

The Far Right has spent decades rigging our court system in their favor. They’ve abused Senate procedures and stacked our courts with ultraconservative zealots who are only looking out for the wealthy and powerful.

But we can change that.

It’s time to take back our courts. And to do that, we need to get more good judges on the federal bench. The Biden administration and Senate Democrats have confirmed dozens of fair-minded judges to the federal bench, from Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic Supreme Court nomination to dozens of groundbreaking lower court judges. But there are more immensely qualified, talented nominees with track records of working for justice for all waiting to be confirmed to the federal bench.

Our senators need to hear from us now. Every senator gets a vote on every judicial nominee – which means you have the chance to make your voice heard in support of these fair-minded judges. Learn about the nominees below, and tell your senators: confirm these judges to the federal bench.

State by State: Judicial Nominees Worth Knowing

Use the map to see which fair-minded judicial nominees you can support in your state!

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Nominees You Should Know

We’re spotlighting three critically important nominees who need our support right now: Nancy Abudu for the Eleventh Circuit, Rachel Bloomekatz for the Sixth Circuit, and Julie Rikelman for the First Circuit. All of these nominees have a proven track record of working to make sure our justice system works for all of us. And now, they need our support. Call your senators and share the message: we need these judges on the federal bench! Click below for resources on each of these nominees.

Nancy Abudu

Nancy Abudu has dedicated her entire career to ensuring that no one is deprived of the protections guaranteed to us by the law – and, if confirmed, will be the first Black woman on the Eleventh Circuit.

Take action: Support Nancy Abudu!

Rachel Bloomekatz

Rachel Bloomekatz is a public interest lawyer who has devoted her time to serving the people who need help the most. She has represented young people trying to vote for the first time, people who got cancer from a chemical company’s negligence, and workers who were fired and called thieves by their employers. We need her on the Sixth Circuit. 

Take action: Support Rachel Bloomekatz!

Julie Rikelman

Julie Rikelman has an awe-inspiring story on top of her impressive experience and credentials. Born in Kiev in the former Soviet Union, she spent her childhood in one of history’s worst totalitarian dictatorships. Throughout her career, she’s demonstrated a tireless commitment to safeguarding the constitutional rights of all people. We need her on the First Circuit! 

Take action: Support Julie Rikelman!