Take Action: Strengthen Democracy in Minnesota

This is an exciting moment for democracy in Minnesota.

Right now, there is legislation moving through the state legislature that would enact a state-level version of the federal voting rights and pro-democracy legislation we fought so hard for. The Minnesota Democracy For the People bill would protect and strengthen the freedom to vote, amplify the power of Minnesotans by reducing the influence of dark money and corporations in our politics, and ensure that our democracy is fair, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of Minnesotans across the state.

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What you can do for Minnesota

The bill is currently working its way through various committees and organizers in the state are seeking to build support for the legislation before it comes to a full vote.

If you can provide virtual, in-person, or written testimony in support of the bill, please sign up here and someone will be in contact with you >>

There’s also an opportunity to join for a lobby day in support of the Democracy For the People bill on Thursday, March 16 from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM CT.

Register to attend if you’re interested in joining the lobby day to help get this important bill across the finish line! >>

This isn’t just about Minnesota. Here’s what you can do

The National Popular Vote – a measure that would guarantee that the presidential candidate who receives the most votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia is actually the person who wins the election – was just passed in committees in both the state House and Senate and is poised for a floor vote.

This measure is supported by Secretary of State Steve Simon and would rectify the inherently undemocratic Electoral College system that gives enormous influence to a handful of states across the nation.

Urge your state legislatures to PASS the National Popular Vote measure when it comes before them for a full vote! >>

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