Take Action: Tell College Board to Put Black History Back in its AP Course


Tell College Board: Restore the AP African American Studies Curriculum

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What we know

The recent controversy over the College Board AP course in African American Studies, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s efforts to suppress the teaching of Black history, have revealed disturbing facts. While the College Board denies bowing to pressure from DeSantis, communications by the Board reveal that it did in fact make changes to the curriculum that water down the content. This is a disservice to students and plays into the hands of far-right politicians, including DeSantis, who announced that he would ban Florida schools from teaching the course. 

The College Board has acknowledged that it was a big mistake not to respond sooner to DeSantis’s lies about the curriculum. But it needs to do better.  

One thing remains clear: the curriculum still misses the mark. Students deserve to learn our nation’s full history, not a version that has been sanitized of material that might draw criticism from dishonest and dishonorable politicians. The College Board’s decision to remove fundamental elements of the coursework  undermines the purpose of teaching Black history itself.  

We won’t let far-right actors like Ron DeSantis win the war they are waging  on truth, history, and the freedom to learn. 

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What this means

This erasure of Black history, announced during Black History Month, is part of a dangerous campaign by the Far Right. The political attack on “wokeness” is a smokescreen for an effort to restrict teaching about topics that do not align with the right wing’s political worldview or advance its political agendas. We must speak out and demand accountability for those advocating for these changes – and those who enable them. 

What you can do

We’re demanding that the College Board fully restore the coursework for the AP African American Studies class and holding them accountable for erasing our history. 

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