People For Endorses Buta Biberaj for Commonwealth’s Attorney: People For Virginia 2023

Buta BiberajPeople For is proud to endorse Buta Biberaj for Commonwealth’s Attorney.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney, Buta has ensured that justice is delivered fairly to all members of the Loudoun community and that her office manages resources wisely, benefiting all community members.





About Buta:

  • Prior to her election in 2019, Buta practiced as a defense attorney in Loudoun County for over 25 years and as a substitute judge for over 11 years.
  • A longstanding Loudoun County Bar Association (LCBA) member, Buta served as President for the 2014-2015 term.
  • Under her leadership, the LCBA created the “Street Law” program, which matched local attorneys with students at the Douglas School. The attorneys presented and advised the students on the rights of juveniles as they relate to employment, criminal, and civil law.

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