People For Endorses Joshua Cole for District 65: People For Virginia 2023

Joshua Cole

People For is proud to endorse Joshua Cole for Virgina House of Delegates District 65.

As a pastor, advocate, activist, and Delegate, Joshua has been focused on building strong communities, supporting our families, and defending our rights. We need him back in Richmond now more than ever.





About Joshua: 

  • Joshua is a pastor and former President of the Stafford County NAACP.
  • He became the youngest person and first Black person elected from the Fredricksburg region to the General Assembly, where he voted for a cap on out-of-pocket healthcare costs on prescription drugs for those with preexisting conditions, a higher minimum wage, free community college tuition, and the expansion of voting rights.
  • As a Delegate, he has voted in support of the ERA, worker’s rights, the right to choose, and environmental protection legislation.

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