People For Endorses Schuyler VanValkenburg for District 16: People For Virginia 2023

Schuyler VanValkenburgPeople For is proud to endorse Schuyler VanValkenburg for Virginia State Senate District 16.

As a three-term member of the House, Schuyler has been a fighter for reproductive freedom, quality healthcare, voting rights, and common-sense solutions to our gun violence crisis. He’s the leader District 16 needs in the Senate.



About Schuyler: 

  • Schuyler has built a career as an educator, teaching at Glen Allen High. In 2017, he won a seat in the House of Delegates where he served for 6 years.
  • As Delegate, he has championed support for public education while also working to curb gun violence, protect reproductive freedom, expand access to healthcare, and protecting voting rights.

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